Cafe Series: Melbourne comes to Jakarta through ST.ALi

When I heard that Melbourne’s specialty coffee roaster and cafe was opening its first branch in Jakarta (this Feb 2016), I was thrilled! I google mapped the address and found out that it was JUST 5 minutes from my doorstop…WAH even better. I called out my trusty brunch friend, Ivana, and we headed down to ST.ALi’s today.


I really liked the simplistic layout of the cafe and the wide-open space it is housed in. There wasn’t an ounce of pretentiousness — communal wooden/ concrete tables, metal chairs, wooden stools, etc. The chairs are not intended for long seating though (they are not the kind you can chill or lounge for a few hours on). 30 minutes into my meal and my back started to ache :/ PERHAPS that’s why they have such a high turnover rate heh. There was just SO MANY people going in and out during a typical weekday lunch hour.


That’s the kitchen on the side with a long center table in the foreground.


SO MANY milk cartons.


Fully packed with lunch crowd.

ST.ALi’s menu takes after Melbourne’s breakfast-and-cafe culture (i.e. all-day breakfast menu).  And so happens I LOVE BRUNCHIN’ (perfect for me!). There aren’t a lot of items on the menu, which I think is wise. Just specialize on the few items and make them really good.


Ivana and I. Happy girls who can’t wait to tuck in!

I ordered a latte (IDR 45K) while Ivana got herself a flat white (IDR 45K). I added almond milk to my latte (additional IDR 10K) which provided a nice twist (but only if you like almond). The coffee was pretty exceptional, thick and aromatic. I am no coffee connoisseur but I could tell it tasted better than Starbucks (and for about the same price!).

For mains, I ordered the “Kimchi Kelly” (IDR 130K) – korean pork belly, cucumber kimchi, coriander and kemangi dressing – EVERYTHING packed into a burger. It was not too bad. The pork belly was cooked just right, very soft. I found the coriander a little too overpowering though.


Kimchi Kelly. (what a cute name!)


Poor Kimchi Kelly dissected.

Ivana ordered the “Koo Koo Ca Choo” (IDR 150K)crispy potato hash with mushroom duxelle, poached eggs, shaved parmesan, chlorophyll and truffle vinaigrette. She gave me some of her potato hash to try and I really liked it. The potato hash had a good consistency and was very fluffy. The seasonings worked in perfect combination and the aroma was enticing. YUMMY.


Koo Koo Ca Choo. (an even cuter name!)

We felt quite full after finishing our mains but something felt AMISS. D-E-S-S-E-R-T-S.

So Ivana and I walked to the dessert counter to pick a dessert to share. We asked the waitress standing there what was good and she said, “Everthing is good. All our desserts are usually sold out by 4 p.m!”. Impressive. I can’t remember the name of the cake we ordered but it looks like this:

It was a white chocolate brownie cake with cookie crumbs, raspberry filling, and a biscuit base. To my disappointment, it tasted so-so only. I felt that the cake had too much gelatin and wished for it to be richer. Oh well, ST ALi’s specialty is in making coffee and not cakes anyway.

I was BLOATED FULL by the time I finished dessert and rolled all the way back home.

Setiabudi One, Ground Floor Suite 103A,
Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav. 62,
Kuningan, South Jakarta 12920.

Oh my Agent D will be coming back soon. I better start preparing his dinner now! Ciao!

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