Cafe Series: Coffee Only Please @ Anomali Coffee

My friend, Yonjin, gave me a nice-smelling bag of coffee beans from Anomali Coffee as a parting gift. I got to know her during my Bahasa Indonesian language course at Atma Jaya University and together with the rest, we had loads of fun together as a class. It’s saddening how my course mates, one by one, are leaving/have left Jakarta to return back to their home countries. Now it’s Yonjin’s turn to go back to  korea. 😦

Nevertheless, I’m glad our paths crossed on this side of the world (in Jakarta!). 🙂

As I don’t have a coffee grinder at home, Agent D and I decided to head to Anomali Coffee (Senopati outlet) after church to ask the staff to help us grind the coffee beans. We decided to have brunch at Anomali whilst waiting for our coffee beans. Might as well, right.

The moment we stepped into the cafe, an aromatic coffee scent greeted us. I hope the coffee tastes as good as it smells. The entire cafe is split into two levels — with the first level mainly for drinks and the secondly level for eating-in and drinks. Like most other coffee joints in Jakarta, Anomali’s coffee beans are all locally produced (i.e. from various parts of Indonesia like Bali, Papua, Sumatra).


Coffee beans on display.

Anomali Coffee seems like a no-frills place; the cafe has a rustic decor with brick/ cement walls, concrete flooring, and wooden-metal tables and chairs. It was pretty crowded when we first stepped in. Thankfully, I managed to find a table by the full-length glass window (loveee window seats) for us.


Second level of Anomali Coffee at Senopati.

Whilst waiting for our food, Agent D happily read Henry Kissinger’s book on diplomacy, leaving me to admire him the surroundings. Just looooook at how THICK and HEAVY the book is. :/ And he lugs it all around in his backpack, despite me nagging him not to. BOYSSSS sigh.


Mr. Bookworm.

As Anomali is more of a coffee place, I wasn’t harbouring high expectations for its food (was expecting more of coffee bean’s standard). And…I was right. The food we ordered was not very nice at all. 😦


Classic Benedict.

The “Classic Benedict” (IDR 55K) was substandard. I guess you pay for what you get (its almost half the price of the poached eggs at Benedict Grand Indonesia!). The salmon was a weird reddish-orangey colour (looked more like Japanese ginger to me). For fear of another episode of food poisoning, I didn’t touch it all. Neither did I eat the salad. The 2 poached eggs on top of the croissant were the only saving grace.


Chicken Involtini.

Agent D’s “Chicken Involtini” (IDR 60k) wasn’t fantastic either. 😦 The mashed potato was a tad too bland and the rolled up chicken was on the salty side.


Chicken Fried Rice.

As usual, we ordered 3 mains to share between the two of us. Agent D says Jakarta portions are waaaay too small. Our third main, Anomali’s “Chicken Fried Rice” (IDR 50K) was probably the most redeemable dish. The fried rice was spicy but tasty and had nice crunchy fried shallots mixed inside. YUM. Hmm perhaps they should just focus their menu on Indonesian cuisine.

On to our meal highlight…Anomali’s c.o.f.f.e.e! Agent D and I ordered a “Hazelnut Latte” (IDR 38K) and “Irish Banana Nut” (IDR 44K) to share. The weather was scorching hot so we had our drinks iced.


Hazelnut Latte and Irish Banana Nut.

Coffee verdict? The “Hazelnut Latte” was not too bad but the “Irish Banana Nut” tasted artificial (I should have known better).

That said, I went home to make myself a cuppa coffee with my newly-grounded Anomali coffee beans and it was pretty good stuff. If you ever make it to Anomali, I’d say go for their espresso. It’ll def perk you up! 🙂


Anomali Coffee
Jalan Senopati No. 19 Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan


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