Tastes of Home

Glad to be back home after 4 months away. It’s only when I set foot on home soil that I realise how much I’ve missed home. The clear blue skies, the convenient public transport system, singlish chatter everywhere, the smell of hawker food…I could go on and on.

Today I was busy running errands with Mom and we passed a cute little cafe in Toa Payoh – Shrove Tuesday. The town of Toa Payoh will always have a special place in my heart because it is where I grew up and formed most of my happy childhood memories (the likes of running around with neighbours and playing hide-and-seek). It was heartening to see the old familiar barber and mama shops (what convenience stores or sundry shops are called in Singapore) in the Lorong 4 neighborhood still in existence.


Nonya Chendol.

In a bid to seek respite from the blistering afternoon heat, Mom and I decided to cool down in Shrove Tuesday with some gelato. I was craving some ice kacang (an iconic dessert of Singapore consisting of a towering bowl of shaved ice, red beans, sweet corn, grass jelly, coloured with syrup and topped with evaporated milk) when I spotted “Nonya Chendol” on the menu. Same same but different. Perfect.


Nonya Chendol, Chocolate Lavender Cake, and a cuppa Latte on beautiful patchwork tiles.

We ordered a Nonya Chendol and Chocolate Lavender Cake to share. I was doubtful about the Nonya Chendol (on waffle) at first but it turned out to be pretty legit! Three generous scoops of chendol-flavoured gelato topped with green jelly, red azuki beans, grated coconut AND with gula melaka drizzled all over. Quite a heavenly combination (which tasted like real chendol!). The crispy and fluffy waffle complemented the ice-cream well.

At night, we had dinner at Springleaf Taiwan Porridge with both Agent D’s and my parents. We were back together for a short time only and didn’t have time to have separate dinners with our parents. Glad to be able to spend time with both sides and at the same time fulfill some of my cravings!


Chinese dishes to go along with our porridge.

I am in sleep coma mode now. Good night, world. Yawns.

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