Framing Paintings in Jakarta: Setia Jaya Frame & Mirror

During our recent Yogyakarta trip in March, Agent D and I bought 2 pretty, handmade batik art paintings. The paintings were done by folks of the Kampung Taman settlement, a place where people sell craft and batik for a livelihood.

I was planning to get the batik art paintings framed and use them as a wall decor for our new home. According to other expat friends, framing in Jakarta would be much cheaper than back home in Singapore. I decided to check out Setia Jaya Frame & Mirror after reading about it in The Diplomatic Wife’s Blog.


Entrance of Setia Jaya Frame & Mirror.

Dad and mom happened to be in town at that time and they accompanied me on this errand. We bumped into the big boss of the shop and struck up a conversation with him; he had moved from China to Jakarta some 30 years back and has since opened 10 frame shops across Jakarta. He even owns the factory which makes the frames from scratch. Power.


Dad and mom talking to the frame towkay inside the shop.

The staff attending to me brought out the many frame samples that they had. She stood beside me patiently whilst I matched each sample, one by one, against my batik to find the best fit match. After what must have seemed like ages (for the poor girl), I finally decided on the frames. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here are the before and after pictures of our batik paintings, unframed and framed.


Hand-painted batik paintings (before framing).


Hand-painted batik paintings (after framing).

I was very pleased with the end results. The quality of work was good and the prices were affordable. All in all, I spent IDR 350,000 on 2 frames, matted glass covers, and white borders. SO WORTH IT RIGHT. *happy*


The Ant Story

As I was admiring the newly framed batik paintings under my living room’s spotlight, I spotted a tiny red ant (!!!) trapped under the glass of the blue batik frame. The frame was completely sealed and the poor ant was scurrying from one end to another in a bid to find an escape route. I was half disturbed at the thought of having an ant corpse on my batik painting and half amused at the ant’s mannerisms.

As there was nothing I could do, I decided to call it a night and check on Mr. Ant the next day, praying that it would just vanish into thin air. Lo and behold…the ant WAS STILL THERE the next morning. It was STILL crawling from branch to branch on the blue batik. I don’t think Mr. Ant slept a wink at all.

I brought the framed painting back to the shop and asked the boss if he could re-frame it for me. To my surprise, he heartily agreed without any hesitation and didn’t charge me any additional cost for it. For that, I’d definitely go back to them again. 🙂

WHEEEE I cannot wait to decorate my new home with these frames! ❤

Setia Jaya Frame & Mirror
Jalan Mampang Prapatan Raya No.20
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12790

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