Our First Weekend with 6-week Old Freckles


Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Freckles!

Our first weekend with Freckles the tortie was surprisingly less traumatizing (and sweeter) than expected. When I first brought my 2 dogs back home (on 2 separate occasions), they peed and shat ALL OVER the house — on the carpet, at the sofa, on the dining chair leg, beside the bed, in the toilet…EVERYWHERE & ANYWHERE POSSIBLE. Hence it came as lovely surprise that Freckles was potty trained, even at 6-weeks old. After her first night with us, I checked every nook and cranny in her room on Sunday morning – ALL CLEAR. Phewwwww.

Here’s a rundown of what happened on Saturday – the day we collected Freckles. (Read about Freckles’ adoption story here: Our Kitten Adoption Story in Jakarta | thediplowifey.)

We picked up Freckles from Jo’s house on Saturday afternoon, after buying all the necessary cat supplies (e.g. litter box, dry and canned cat food, nail clipper, shampoo, scratching pole, food bowl, toys, etc etc) earlier in the morning. Having been taken away from her momma and siblings, the little kitty was really scared initially. She was shaking all over when in the car with us. Poooor baby.


Shivering on my lap in the car.

We brought her straight to the vet for a full body check-up and to get her dewormed. At first glance, Dr. Osye (the vet) commented that she looked a lil’ funny. Upon further inspection, she went OH DEAR YOU HAVE NO WHISKERS!!! Why (??) and how (!!) her whiskers were missing I have no idea at all. Perhaps Jo’s little boy snipped them off while playing with her. Anyhow, I am hoping they grow out soon. :/

On the way back home, Freckles got a little more comfortable with us and took a nap during the car ride.


Curled up like a ball fast asleep.

To get her acquainted with her new home, we took out her toys and played with her. We also taught her how to use her scratching pole (and NOT our furniture). She’s SUCHAAA FRISKY little thing! Agent D and I could hardly keep up with her as she pranced from one corner of the room to another. *signs of growing old*

For now, we are confining her to the laundry area at night and when we are not at home.

After close to 10 rounds of “catch the mouse”, Freckles fell into a deep slumber on Agent D’s lap. Apparently, kittens are like babies and need about 15 to 18 hours of sleep a day!


Totally knocked out after playing.


Drooling on daddy’s lap to mark territory.



I woke Freckles up for a short photo taking + selfie session. She was visibly annoyed at first but kindly accommodated me. What a sweetheart.

I may be biased but Freckles is a really smart kitty. PINTAR SEKALI! Without any training/teaching from us, she climbed up the high walls of her potty aka litter box to pee and poop. Looks like she’s living up to the name of being a Tortoiseshell cat.


SHY. She turns her back to us when taking a dump.

As Freckles is not entirely weaned off from her momma’s milk yet, she sometimes snuggles up to my tummy and tries to find the non-existent nipples there. SHE MUST THINK I AM MOMMA CAT. Meow.

Milk aside, she’s been eating independently – a mixture of dry kitten food + wet canned food + water. As her stomach is still very small, I feed her 4-5 times a day depending on my schedule.


Eating all by herself.

Freckles has started marking her territory around beautiful things at home. She has taken a liking to flowers (just like me), especially flowers that are from daddy.

Here are some of my favourite pictures of the little one:




I’m a black furball.


Sleeping on my side.


Are you sizing me up, handsome?


Sweet dreams are made of this.


Momma’s arm makes the best pillow.


Sleeping belly up.

Ooopsies sorry for spamming you with pictures. BUT isn’t she just adorable?!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

If you haven’t got enough of Freckles, here are more sleeping pictures of her.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Even as I type this post, she’s snuggling up on my lap.


We hope you like your forever home, Freckles. Please don’t grow up so fast.

Good night, world. xxx

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