Our 3-Week Mark With Freckles

So it has been 3 weeks since we adopted the little girl, Freckles the kitty. She’s now 8+ weeks old and is longer, taller, heavier, and ROUNDER (*horror of horrors* she actually looks preggers at certain angles).


Freckles @ 8+ weeks.

Conversation I had with Agent D a few days ago…

Agent D: Are you sureeee you’re not overfeeding Freckles?

Me: Of course not!

Agent D: How often do you feed her?

Me: Whenever she meows. (Just like how a baby cries when hungry right?!!)

Dang. So I guess I’ve been overfeeding the little one. No wonder she’s PERPETUALLY TIRED AND ALWAYS SLEEPING. Because her body is digesting all the food that momma is giving her.


Photo credit: Healthline.

Eat. Sleep. Eat. Sleep. Eat. Sleep. Eat. Sleep. Eat. Sleep. Story of her kitty life.


Freckles using her paws to block out the sunlight when sleeping.

Then again, she’s an ADORABLY CUTE ANGEL when asleep (and a naughty little devil when awake – scratching our furniture and curtains, biting the wires, pulling the toilet roll down until the entire roll is sprawled on the floor, prancing out of nowhere and tripping us, etc – you get the drift). We can never leave Freckles unsupervised for anything more than erm 10 seconds. Crossing my fingers it’s a kitten-thang and she’ll outgrow this bullish behaviour soon. :/


Just look at her devouring Mister Chilli Crab for brunch.


And now guarding it with all her life.

I must say her little antics have brought much joy to Agent D and myself though.

Being an optimist, I choose to see the sweet angel in her (which is why I take so many photos of her ASLEEEEEP). Peace reigns in the household when she’s sleeping really.

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Good night, world. Sweet Freckles dreams. X

4 thoughts on “Our 3-Week Mark With Freckles

  1. Awww Freckles is adorable 🙂

    We recently adopted our first kitten too! He was an 11 week old Bengal cross, and unfortunately it turns out he has a really really rare congenital condition, which means nobody knows how long he will live – it could be weeks, it could be years. I absolutely adore this boy, so it’s difficult knowing he’s poorly…we are adopting a kitty ‘brother’ for him at the end of this month so he will have someone to love him all the time even when we’re not there!


    • Hello there! thanks for dropping by! 🙂 I just dropped by your blog – Enzo is adorable! *gush* It’s really sad that he has such a rare condition; but I can see he is really loved. ❤ His new kitty bro (about the same age as Freckles) is adorable too! Heard kittys do great in twos…they're both really lucky!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Awww thank you, he’s the most incredible little guy 🙂

        Oh yeah I hadn’t realised Pecan would be around the same age as Freckles!! Aw!

        I’ve been feeding Enzo as much and as often as he wants, like you, but I think I’ve gotten away with it a) because he’s really picky about his food, and b) because of his condition I think he needs to eat more than most cats anyway – he’s still a skinny oik! I bet when Pecan comes home he ends up being a little porker though haha 😀


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