Our Kitten Adoption Story in Jakarta

Last Friday, on the “Expat Jakarta Garage Sale #1” Facebook group, a lady by the name of Jo posted that her cat had given birth and 4 of her kittens were up for adoption. She attached the picture below:


Please help us find a home!

How to reject those cute lil’ faces right. Well, for some time, Agent D and I were thinking of getting a dog/cat to keep us company in Jakarta. We toyed with the idea for a while, went to visit pet shops in Singapore, looked at adoption websites online – but we couldn’t find THEE ONE.

When I first saw the Facebook post, my heart melted. I forwarded the picture to Agent D on Whatsapp (he was at work at that time) and he replied, “Let’s go see them this Sunday”. We fell in love with all of them at first sight. One thing led to another and…YES one of them is coming home with us!!! 🙂

Here’s what happened…

We dropped by Jo’s house (way down in South Jakarta) on Sunday and she introduced us to momma cat and her 4 babies. Momma cat was very protective over the kitties and kept looking at us suspiciously (well I guess I would too, if I were her). As the kittens are only four weeks old, they’re not weaned off from their momma yet.


Yo Wassssup.

A Japanese lady had earlier adopted the 2 white kitties, who happened to be also the males of the litter.


Brothers who were adopted together.

That left us with 2 choices – the grey tabby or the black tortie. Both were females and equally cute in their own special ways.


This grey stripy lil’ one has a snowy white underside and white socks.


This black cutie has patches of colours all over her.

Jo and her husband tried to persuade us to adopt the 2 of them together. But being first time cat owners, we thought it was better to start off with one.

Agent D and myself spent the next half hour or so playing with the kittens to see which one would bond with us best. It was such a hard decision to make as both were simply SO SO SO ADORABLE.

We eventually decided on…*drum roll*…the black tortie. From our short observation of the kitties, she seemed more responsive to our touches and liked to be cuddled in our arms. There was one instance where she crawled up onto my leg and remained there for a good few minutes. AWW.

Although she can only come home with us in a few weeks time (when she’s about 7-8 weeks old), we have already thought of a name for her — FRECKLES.

Jo taught us how to pick up the kitties by the skin fold around their necks (just like how momma picks them up). Agent D managed to do it successfully whilst I couldn’t bring myself to “pinch” them!

And I know I look like I’m strangling poor Freckles in the last picture. :/ Both Agent D and myself have loads to read up on how to care for Freckles and provide her with a warm, loving home environment.

BTW does anyone know where I can buy a scratching post (sisal covered) and cat tree (for climbing) in Jakarta?!

Counting down to 3 weeks time! XXX