Japanese Dining Series: Value for Money Japanese Food at Akane

Akane Tokyo Cuisine is one of the first few Japanese restaurants I tried when I moved to Jakarta. It is located in a secluded corner of the Crowne Plaza Hotel Lobby, which is just behind Atma Jaya University (where I had my daily language classes for 4 months).

A quick google will reveal that Akane is given a pretty high rating of 4.7 on Zomato; On Trip Advisor, Akane has a rating of 4.5. So how did I find the food there?


Entrance of Akane Japanese Restaurant.

The few times I dined at Akane, I noticed that the crowd consisted of a mixture of locals and Japanese expats. Hmm Japanese expats at a Japanese restaurant…should be not bad right.

Akane offers a really value for $$$ lunchtime special, available from 1130-1430 daily. For IDR 98K (about S$10), one can choose either a combo lunch set [1 rice + 1 noodle] or a eraberu wazen [1 rice + 3 dishes].


Combo lunch set.

For the rice option in the eraberu wazen set, guests can choose between white rice, dried bonito rice, braised shiitake, leek & miso rice, spicy dried fish rice, or california roll.


Eraberu wazen set.

Both sets come with a complimentary starter, dessert, and free flow of ocha.

Here are some pictures of my eraberu wazen set [1 rice + 3 dishes]. From the menu selection, I got for myself a california roll + grilled salmon + stir-fried liver & leek + plain omelette.

And of course, the combo lunch set [1 rice + 1 noodle] which Agent D ordered. He got for himself a wakame seaweed udon + chicken & garlic chives rice. His set came with a complimentary Japanese salad.

Verdict: The Japanese food at Akane is no doubt very affordable (!!!). 1 rice + 3 dishes + starter + dessert + drink ALL for IDR 98K. This is even cheaper than some food court options in the Jakarta mega malls.

While many reviewers have raved about Akane’s truly authentic Japanese cuisine, I beg to differ. The food was okay tasting with nothing really spectacular about it. In fact, I think the standard has been slowly dropping. (Read somewhere that this could be attributed to a change in the head chef.)


When my folks were in town a few weeks back.

On the topic of Japanese food, Agent D said he’ll bring me to check out Akira Back and Edogin Restaurant at Hotel Mulia sometime soon. I’ve heard many good things about those two. Can’t wait!!

Akane, Tokyo Cuisine
Hotel Crowne Plaza 
Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav 2-3, 
Jakarta Selatan 12930