Cafe Series: Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen in Kuningan

This is a long overdueee post on Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen (pardon me!). I wanted to write a post when I visited the cafe some two months back but inertia got the better of me zzz. Anyway, I visited Lucky Cat again for brunch yesterday. So here goes…


Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen.

A pretty new establishment in Kuningan, Lucky Cat’s interior is gorgeous with its lush green plants, marble-top tables, and light wood furniture. #feelslikehome #homegoals


Two storeys of cafe space.


People watching from my seat.


Coffee corner.


Emergency coffee beans, anyone?

The entire place is lit up by natural sunlight which streams in from the translucent ceiling panels above – making all your pictures (and selfies) look really nice. 🙂

In the middle of the coffee joint is a towering REAL tree; a hole is made in the roof for the tree to grow out. How cool is that.


Blending nature with food.

Lucky Cat is open to the public 7 days a week, 24 hours a day — it is a 24/7 coffee joint, a rarity in Jakarta. Now you know where to get your caffeine fix early in the morning/late at night or where to chill with friends past 10 p.m., bars aside.

Since it is primarily a coffee shop, I had to check out the coffee. You get to choose whether you want your coffee strong or light. I ordered a flat white (light blend) and it was not too bad.


Freshly squeezed juice. Can’t go wrong with that.

Besides coffee, they also have light bites, main courses, and cakes. The selection is very small though. From my two visits to Lucky Cat, I think I’ve already tried half of the main courses on the menu.


‘Nasi Lemak Malacca’ (IDR 65K) – still prefer the nasi lemak version back in Singapore.


‘Spaghetti Carbonara’ (IDR 69K) – nice and creamy with bacon bits. A little jelak though.


‘Chicken Wings’ (IDR 45K) – crispiness was about right.

Their ‘Pan Seared Salmon’ (IDR 79K) deserves special mention though. For most mains elsewhere, the portion of greens is usually small. However, this pan seared salmon came with a sizable portion of sauteed spinach which tasted really yummy with a hint of butter. The cherry tomatoes and baby potatoes on the side were seasoned and done up well too.


‘Pan Seared Salmon’ (IDR 79K) – a good eat, worth the price.



And of course, a chocolate cake (as always) to provide a sweet finish to the meal.


‘Chocolate Cake’ (IDR 39K) – light, fluffy and chocolatey. Wish they had gone easier on the top layer fresh cream though.

Have fun taking instagrammable pictures with your food. x

Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen
Plaza Festival (South Parking)
Jl. Haji R. Rasuna Said Kav. C No. 22
Kuningan, South Jakarta.

Cutest Cafe in Menteng: Maple and Oak

NEW KID ON THE BLOCK in MENTENG! It has been about one month since Maple and Oak opened its doors to the public. Located in De Ritz Building, Menteng, I finally got down to checking it out last week because it is located just across the road from where I am intending to start my pilates lessons at.


Newly-opened Maple and Oak.

Maple and Oak is an all-day brunch place (can never have enough of brunch!) serving brunch-like food (DUH). The whole cafe interior  from the colour mix to the decor is SUPER PRETTY, HOMEY, yet MODERN – I fell in love with it at first sight.

Maple and Oak has given me some design inspirations for the new home. I recently bought some artificial plant frames online, which kinda look like the ones they’ve hung up all over the cafe.

Picture on the left shows Maple and Oak’s triangular plant frames, while the picture on the right shows the square plant frames I bought. What do you think? 🙂

To compensate for its small cafe space, Maple and Oak has a lovely al-fresco area fronting the cafe along the main road. The al-fresco area resembles that of a balcony of a shophouse, with its lush green plants hanging down. Very nice to chill.


Perfect spot to sip a cuppa coffee and people-watch.

From what I’ve read, Maple and Oak is helmed by celebrity Chef Odie Djamil. Apart from brunch food, the place also serves salads, desserts, coffee, tea, cold pressed juices, mocktails and beer. The coffee bar opens as early as 7a.m. for early-risers, but the kitchen only starts cracking at 9 a.m..

Both my cafe-hopping buddy Ivana and I ordered the same thing – Salmon Eggs Benedict (IDR 83k) and a cold pressed juice (IDR 40K).


Coldpressed ‘Red’ and ‘Yellow’ (IDR 40K each).


Salmon Eggs Benedict (IDR 83K).

Their Salmon Eggs Benedict was pretty good stuff – eggs were on point (very runny), cured red salmon was fresh and chewy, sourdough toast was buttery and nice, salad had fresh baby spinach leaves (LOVE BABY SPINACH) amongst others, and most importantly their plating was SO PRETTY. We couldn’t bear to tuck in!


Happy satisfied diners. 🙂

For sweets, Ivana and I shared a Mascarpone Lychee Berry (IDR 48K) comprising light mascarpone mousse, sliced lychee and strawberries, mixed berry coulis, maple milk bread croutons, homemade granola, and edible flowers. It was supposed to have meringue buttons but I think they ran out of them.


Mascarpone Lychee Berry (IDR 48K).

The flavours came together nicely and I liked the fact that it wasn’t too sweet. The sourness of the fruits balanced the sweetness of the mascarpone well. Don’t you think it looks super gorgeous?! It provided a lovely ending to our brunch.

If you’re in Menteng, be sure to check out Maple and Oak. It definitely won’t disappoint! Bring a book along and have fun. ❤

Maple & Oak
De Ritz Building 1st floor
Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto no 91
Menteng, Central Jakarta

Cafe Series: Benedict for All Poached Egg Lovers

Another establishment by the UNION group, Benedict is a gourmet café serving all-day brunch (think eggs benedict and the likes). I’ve been to Benedict about 4 times so far with Agent D/ friends and last Friday was my 5th time – primarily to take advantage of their ‘Quick Lunch’ special from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays.

The restaurant cafe is of a nice cozy size and comes complete with a mini bar and live kitchen. Its semi-rustic décor exudes a homey and vintagey feel. There are sofas at the side where you can just sink into with a book. I like the fact that the restaurant bothers to put different arrangements of pretty flowers on the tables. Really brightens up the place!


Display shelf separating the smoking and non-smoking section.

Being an all-day brunch place, one can find all kinds of eggs cooked in various styles on the menu – scotch eggs (so gooooood), eggs in jars, poached eggs (super duper runny), sunny side up eggs, etc. COMFORT FOOD i.e. my kind of food.

Eggs aside, the menu also offers a good range of Western cuisine, Mexican cuisine as well as Asian-Western fusion cuisine (which I really like!). All their cakes are homemade. 🙂


Homemade cakes on display.

When I first went with Agent D, we ordered an “Eggs Benedict Florentine” (IDR 85k), “Japanese Benedict” (IDR 80K) and “Power Berry” (IDR 50K) to share. Agent D was still hungry after that (not surprising haha) so we ordered a “Korean Bowl” (IDR 90K) which turned out to be somesort of  fusion bibimbap. After wiping out everything, I was 110% full and Agent D told me he was only at 80%. Whyyyyyyyyyy does he not grow fat while I’m putting on a double chin. Life’s unfair.


Florentine Benny, Jap Benny, and Power Berry.

I really enjoyed the “Eggs Benedict Florentine” – the challah bread was soft and fluffy, the poached egg was cooked to runny perfection (the moment my knife cut into it, everything came oo000zing out), and adding tobiko (flying fish roe) on top of the hollandaise sauce was THE BOMB. I liked the sauteed spinach in between, which seemingly neutralized all the other high-cholesterol-unhealthy-stuff.

The “Japanese Benedict” was another heavenly combination of poached eggs, shiitake rice (at the bottom), well-seasoned chicken hamburg, sauteed horenso, and hollandaise sauce. The ingredients worked well together and balanced each other out just right. Again, the side salad was probably meant to reduce all the fats and cholesterol heh.

Our “Power Berry” smoothie had hazelnut milk added into it which amazingly worked! I convinced myself that it was a…erm…”healthy” drink since there were so many berries blended into it. Like real haha.

All my good friends can attest to this — I’m a pretty boring person when it comes to food. Once I find something that I like at a particular place, I’ll order it again and again. And again. And again. No spirit of adventurousness whatsoever. :/ So…for my next few visits to Benedict, I did not take any more pictures. Why? Because I ordered the same few things. 🙂

So anyway on Friday, Ivana and I decided to check out their Quick Lunch promotion. You can see the options offered from the menu above (1 main + 1 dessert + 1 drink = IDR 120K). VERY WORTHWHILE. Perfect for a $$$-saving person like me. *YAY*


Hungry happy diners.

I opted for the “Bucatini Carbonara” whilst Ivana got herself the “Korean Bowl”. My “Bucatini Carbonara” tasted okay, nothing out of this world. Apart from the usual crumbled bacon, the chef also added pork belly. I absolutely loveee pork belly, especially the fats in between. The fattier, the better. Agent D always frowns at me when he seems me devouring the juicy fats haha.


Bucatini Carbonara.

Ivana’s “Korean Bowl” (the same one that Agent D ordered last time) consisted of fried chicken, chilli fried rice, 7 minutes soft egg, cauliflower, and furikake. According to Ivana, it was quite nice! I remember it being a little on the spicy side from last time.


Korean Bowl.

For our complimentary desserts, I had a “Ban-A-Tella Crumble”, which is esentially a BANANA and NUTELLA crumble tart (duh). It was pretty decent – well I guess it’s hard to go wrong with moist banana and nutella. Can’t beat my favourite banana pie from Dona Manis Cake Shop back home though. :/


Ban-A-Tella Crumble.

Ivana’s snickers cheesecake was a surprisingly nice combination! The cheesecake was moist and light; the snickers (on the top) and cookie base (at the bottom) made it less jelak. The taste of snickers brought back memories of my school days where I used to buy snickers/mars bar from the vending machine almost every day. My kind of energy boost in those days.


Snickers Cheesecake.

All in all, we had our tummies filled well without burning a hole in our pocket. I heard from B1 that Benedict’s “Banoffee pie”  (one of my FAVE UK desserts) is really good stuff! Sadly, it wasn’t on the menu on Friday. That’ll be my next conquest!

Grand Indonesia East Mall LG
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310