Singapura May trippin’

By now you must be wondering…just how often do you go back to Singapore?! Well, about once a month actually. One of the things I’m most thankful for about Agent D’s posting to Jakarta is distance. ūüôā

A one way trip to Singapore takes slightly under 1.5 hours by air. When you factor in the taking off and landing, toilet trips, announcements, etc, it is hard to even complete one movie in the plane (!). In fact, travelling 5km within Jakarta (with macet) would take 1.5 hours or more heh.


Hello there, sunny island!

So anywayyy…I went back this time mainly for Adeline’s wedding but also to spend time with family and friends. Here are some pictures from the beautiful union of #Shaunade:


Their Holy Matrimony was held at the charming Arts House (formerly Old Parliament House).


Managed to steal a shot with the glowing bride before her first march in.


A sacred moment. ūüėČ


Team Bride! Before rushing off to the hotel to set up.

Props & Crafts¬†transformed the entire hotel reception area into the prettiest botanical garden EVER. They do customized props rental for all occasions/settings — bridal showers, baby showers, proposals, photo shoots, dessert tables, and of course weddings. Perfect for lazy people like me who cannot DIY for nuts.


Together is a beautiful place to be. Aww.


Photo table.


Well wishes table + letters from the couple to their guests.


Walking down memory lane with #shaunade.

As with all weddings, I was really happy to see and catch up with friends (some of whom I haven’t seen since I moved to Jakarta).


With the whole bridal crew.




Team Groom.


Serene’s getting married in June and I’m counting down to that one.

I also managed to see lil’ baby Asaph for the very first time. He’s such a sweetheart, with such tiny toes and fingers. Congrats Josh and Cheryl – may God grant you both wisdom and love in raising Asaph. x

Weddings and friends aside, I managed to satisfy some of my many food cravings. Time spent in Singapore is always so short and I take my meal planning very seriously.


Fried carrot cake (Chai tow kway) is an all-time favourite.


Photos don’t do this justice. Fried hokkien mee from Tian Tian Lai, which I waited 45 minutes for.


So simple yet so good. Economical bee hoon from Sembawang Hills Food Centre.

There definitely was more food that went into my tummy but I was either too hungry to take a picture, or my hands were oilyyy (some food simply tastes better with hands).

Not forgetting, precious time spent with my favouritest family + savouring every bit of home cooked meals. ‚̧


Continue staying healthy and happy, Mama.

And before I know it, I find myself bidding farewell to Singapore again. Did the weekend just pass me by?


Singapore Changi Airport.

So many catch-ups, so little time

In my limited time back home, I’ve been meeting various friends for brunch/lunch, tea, dinner, supper. There’s nothing much to do in SG except eat, eat AND EAT. Goshhh I can feel my face growing rounder and my pants getting tighter. :/

Just yesterday, I finally got to check out¬†Group Therapy Coffee¬†located along¬†the gentrified Duxton Road. On my hike from the bus stop to Group Therapy, I chanced upon many pretty-looking shophouses. I whipped out my handphone and started taking photos like a tourist. After a while…I got kinda¬†lost. Thankfully Google maps came to my rescue.


Wall murals on the side of the shophouses.

In case you were wondering…shophouses are small, narrow terraced houses (usually¬†two- to three- storeys high) built between the 1840s and the 1960s. They formed the majority of the pre-WW2 urban fabric of the old city centre as well as several other parts of Singapore. Although many shophouses have been pulled down for redevelopment purposes, those that remain have been carefully restored and conserved. *phew*

I totally wouldn’t mind staying in a shophouse. That’d be so cool.

Group Therapy Coffee is housed within the second storey of a restored shophouse. It is easy to miss so keep your eyes peeled for a signpost with the number 49.


Lovin’ their red mailbox.

Up on the second level, the space is large and comfortable –¬†the perfect setting and catalyst for group conversations (therapy). What an apt name!

Glad to have caught up with Ben and FJ after sooooo long. We reminisced about our good ol’ Seattle days 7 years back where all of us gained like 10 kg in 6 months (maybe except Ben), played like crazy, and travelled like nobody’s business. Almost every other weekend, we were out of town exploring the various states in U.S.. THOSE WERE THE DAYS.


Missing Andrew who is on another side of the world in Dubai.

After lunch, I headed down to the west side to visit baby Sophie. Congrats Papa Wes and¬†Momma¬†Steph – she’s such a sweet darling! I was really amused at her tiny fingers and toes. They were so, so small.


So tiny and precious.

I later took a train all the way back to town to meet with my uni mates. We had dinner at Crossings Café РGREAT FOOD for a GREAT CAUSE. Crossings Café is a social enterprise where all their profits are channelled to charitable causes. The café seeks to provide employment opportunities and personal development for the disadvantaged (e.g. people with special needs) by hiring them to work at the café.


Cosy and unpretentious interior.

I didn’t take any pictures of the food but I must say it is very decent and affordable. A must-try if you’re around the Bras Basah area! Plus you get to support a charitable cause through your meal. ūüôā


Thanks for making uni days so much more enjoyable!

Although I don’t get to meet this group of lovelies often, it’s always amazing how we manage to pick up from where we last left off. Already looking forward to more stories to come as we all move on to new phases in our life (marriage, postgraduate studies, motherhood, etc).

Today I met baby fatty for another play date. Just cannot get enough of his fats and cuteness. WHY YOU SO CUTE.


On his own armchair. #LIKEABOSS.

Ended the day with Hazie. ‚̧



We finally managed to get my bridesmaid dress fitting done. YAY. Am really looking forward to her big day come June this year! Mel is such a lucky man. ūüôā