From Bali to Jakarta: Nebula Kuningan

An established household name in Bali (with three restaurants in Kuta, Petitenget and Ubud), Nebula has decided to set up home in Jakarta. And no better place to open a restaurant than the vibrant neighbourhood of¬†Kuningan…simply because it is my hood hehe. ūüėČ

With her sleek industrial interior, Nebula radiates a modern and urban feel without coming across as pretentious. Minimalist yet cozy at the same time!


Bar area.

While ambiance plays a key role in every restaurant, Nebula‚Äôs main mission is to deliver a personalized culinary experience to guests by transforming good ol’ comfort food into tasteful delights.

There are two different kinds of menu — Lunch Menu and Dinner Menu. Both menus offer a selection of hearty Indonesian fusion dishes and innovative cocktails.

Nebula Kuningan, Kuningan Menu

Nebula Kuningan, Kuningan Menu

The former focuses on quick one dish options for office workers to eat during lunchtime (individual servings) whereas the latter focuses on dishes that are best enjoyed communally over long conversations (dishes for sharing).


Can’t wait to tuck in!

This means you need to visit Nebula at least TWICE to try out all their food. ūüėČ I’ve been to Nebula a few times for lunch and only once for dinner and all their dishes are amazing. Some of my favourites include their Soft-Shell Crab Bao, Thai Fried Rice Pork Belly, Nasi Campur Bali,¬†Salted Egg Squid (a very Singaporean dish!), Chicken Betutu (super tender and tasty), and Glazed Shirt Ribs.

Most times I was too busy eating to snap pictures of the food. Here’s what I got:


Thai Fried Rice Pork Belly (IDR 60k).


Spaghetti Tuna Hang Jebat (IDR 55k).

For the healthy/weight conscious, fret not. Nebula has brought over their infamous smoothies bowls from Bali!!! I absolutely love their Healthy Bowl with greek yoghurt as the base (IDR 55k).


Healthy Bowl (IDR 55k).


Served in round wooden bowls with wooden spoons. Such pretty colours!

Expect to spend about IDR 150k-200k/pax for food and drinks at Nebula (lunch would be cheaper). The calories gained are worth every penny!

Nebula Kuningan 
Kantor Taman A9
Jalan Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Lot 8.9
Mega Kuningan, Jakarta 12950

Another UNION Kid on the Block: THE DUTCH JAKARTA

THE DUTCH is a modern gastropub by Union Group which has names like UNION, Cork & Screw, Benedict, E&O, Bistecca (and many more) under its belt. Situated between the SCBD and Senopati districts, The Dutch can be found on the ground floor of 18 Parc Place.

Checking out The Dutch at Parc Place.

It is headed by Chef Chris Moes, a Dutch chef who has lived and worked in Jakarta for some time (hence the name The Dutch РDUH). Unlike what its name suggests, The Dutch is not a Dutch cuisine specialty restaurant.

Homemade sausages to go, anyone? ūüôā

Instead, it adopts a smokehouse concept where cold cuts, sausages, smoked and cured meats are prepared in-house (i.e. homemade). You can expect hearty Western/Asian fare on the menu along with some Dutch classics.

Awesome housemade sausages!

The minimalist restaurant is designed by renowned architect, Andra Matin, who has a big love for open spaces. This is reflected in the large open kitchen which allow guests to peer into.


Large open kitchen with bar counter seats.

Its interior is dimly lit with industrial vibes and a spacious feel. All the windows are covered by metal bar grilles, allowing tiny amounts of light to stream in (forgive my badly taken pictures Рtotally blaming the lighting hehe). The atmosphere is warm and inviting; people settle in and get comfortable over booze.


Warm and inviting atmosphere.


Agent D and I both felt a little under the weather so we stayed away from alcohol and ordered hot tea + fresh orange juice instead.

¬†Being a gastrobar, The Dutch functions as a restaurant cum pub. If you’re an alcohol lover, you’ll adore this place. Headlining the bar is a copper multi-tap beer tower, dispensing seven kinds of draught brews. The selection ranges from local favourites to international ales; each pour is perfectly frosty due to the cold pipe system.


7 beer taps + 1 cocktail tap.

Beer aside, the cocktail list at The Dutch runs gourmet and experimental, incorporating exotic ingredients and interesting techniques. It is legitly the first pub in Jakarta that serves cocktail direct from a tap. Plus they have loads of happy hour promotions going on throughout the week. So look out for that!

Food-wise, The Dutch makes really delish homemade sausages and cured meats. Don’t forget to pair your sausages with the mustard on the side. Its SO GOOOD. The waiter recommended Erwtensoep – traditional Dutch split pea soup and Braised Lamb in Puff Pastry but we decided to go with other options.


The Dutch’s Menu.

Here’s what we ordered:

Classic Bratwurst with sauerkraut and mustard on the side (IDR 105k). Traditionally handmade using natural casing, and then slow-smoked in house. Orange juice was genuinely fresh (IDR 55K).


Caesar Salad had an overdose of parmesan and was a tad dry (IDR 90k).


Spaghetti Aglio Olio with pork (IDR 90k). Quite a nice change from the usual prawn/chicken.


Soy-glazed Duck Wings on rice with pickled vegetables (IDR 95k). Duck wings were good but Agent D left the pickled veges untouched.

Food at The Dutch is not exactly cheap but the portions and quality are good. For both of us, the bill came out to about IDR 580k. That said, we had an enjoyable meal. ūüôā


Sundate brunchin’.

After lunch, we spotted a really pretty mini park/garden opposite Parc Place and headed there to walk off some pounds. The trees, plants and flowers were beautifully landscaped. Such a pleasant surprise after lunch!

We had to leave after about 15 minutes because I was becoming food for the mozzies. Dang should have brought my mosquito repellent out.

And that’s how my Sunday went by. How did yours go? ūüôā

The Dutch Gastrobar (by UNION Group)
18 Parc Place Tower E, Ground Floor
Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53, SCBD
Jakarta Selatan 12190

Cafe Series: HAUSE Rooftop in Kuningan

Hause Rooftop Kitchen & Bar is an oasis in the city, away from the bustling Jakarta traffic. Located on the topmost floor of MD Place Tower 2 (in Setiabudi), this cozy rooftop hideout makes a good place to relax and unwind.


Hause Rooftop Kitchen & Bar.

Bearing semblance to that of a private glass house complete with a backyard, Hause Rooftop has both indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor space oozes homey vibes and takes a collected approach, with souvenirs and artworks from the owner’s travels.


Cozy electic interior.


Brunch at Hause Rooftop on Good Friday. #TGIF

The outdoor space is my favouritest part of the cafe. It is a really nice place to chill and feel the breeze in your hair coupled with a lovely sky view.


Outdoor garden area.

Filled with the owner’s personal collection of hanging air plants, herbs and flower plants, it feels like you’re dining in a private garden of a friend’s.


Lush green enclave.

Some fun facts about Hause Rooftop:

#1. Hause Rooftop handcrafts food & drinks using herbs picked from their very own backyard.

#2. The restaurant is pet-friendly so you can laze under the sun with your fur friends.


Perfect for you and your fur kids.

#3. Hause Rooftop opens early and closes late. They open at 9 a.m. everyday so you can get your morning coffee fix. On Sunday РThursday, they close at 12 a.m.; on Friday РSaturday, they close at 2.00 a.m.. A great place to hangout and have late night drinks with friends!

#4. There is live music on certain nights. So check before going down!


Hausemade food.

Hause Rooftop is as much a restaurant as it is a bar. Their Hausemade menu and drinks are all freshly made with love. The food menu offers both Western and Indonesian choices along with vegetarian/organic options. For example, they have organic burgers by Burgreens.

Agent D got himself the ‘Curry Katsu Burger’ (IDR 115k) while I ordered a ‘Hausemade pasta – Linguine Carbonara with Salmon’ (IDR 100k).


Curry Katsu Burger (IDR 115k).


Consists of fried chicken breast, curry mayo, purple cabbage, hausemade bun served with fries & mixed garden salad.


Linguine Carbonara with Salmon (IDR 100k).


Consists of linguine carbonara, salmon, diced red onion in light cream sauce and egg yolk served with orange zest.

Classic cocktails aside, they have a pretty good list of Hause-invented cocktails which are inspired from their garden and hand-crafted to perfection.

For instance, the fresh and light Backyard (white rum, ginger liqueur, lemon juice, clove syrup with lemongrass and scented basil), the milky Hause Sweet Hause (vanilla flavoured vodka, Frangelico, Baileys, fresh milk, and caramel syrup biscotti), the light and fresh Flower Lady (Hause Gin, Bols elderflower, fresh lemon, lavender bitter and rosa aroma), etc.


Hause bar.

Non-alcoholic options are extensive too with freshly squeezed juices, chilled juices, artisan coffee, specialty tea,  hand-crafted Vitamines (something like mocktails), Kombucha Sangria, etc.

Agent D went for the ‘Kombucha Sangria’ (IDR 75k) which is rather pricey for Jakarta standards, in my opinion. According to Hause, their kombucha is made exclusively from fresh local fruits & vegetable juice that cleanses, heals, energizes and detoxifies one’s body. Sounds too good to be true eh?


Kombucha Sangria (IDR 75k).

I love all things chai and ordered the ‘Chai Latte’ (IDR 45k), a cinnamon flavored milk tea served with palm sugar.


Chai Latte (IDR 45k).


Chai latte made my morning!

Adding to the list of cafes in Kunignan. ENJOY!

Hause Rooftop
MD Place Tower 2 – 6th Floor
Jl. Setiabudi Selatan no. 7
Jakarta Selatan

Vibrant Peranakan Culture and Cuisine at Meradelima Restaurant

Meradelima Restaurant is a reflection of how two different cultures used to and still coexist side by side in perfect harmony.

Meradelima Restaurant.

Commonly referred to as Peranakans, they are the descendants of Chinese immigrants who came to the Malay archipelago (which includes Indonesia and Singapore) between the 15th and 17th centuries. Peranakans are a unique heritage to Southeast Asia, an intertwining of the Malay and Chinese culture.
Wedding portrait of a Peranakan couple.jpg

A Peranakan wedding couple (taken from Wikipedia).

Meradelima beautifully embodies the vivacious and spirited Peranakan culture both in its design and cuisine. Housed in a two-storey building featuring Jengki architecture, patrons are welcomed into the restaurant by a red-carpeted wooden deck and servers dressed in red oriental cheongsams.

One of the private dining rooms in Meradelima.

On entering the restaurant, I felt as if I was transported back to a bygone era. The interior was decorated with vibrantly coloured Peranakan-style porcelain collections, vintage replica becak chairs, and exquisite kebayas encased in large glass frames.

Pretty porcelain on tables.


Our first visit – dining against the backdrop of intricately embroidered kebayas with floral motifs.

According to the owner who was born and raised as a Peranakan, each kebaya is uniquely designed and the display stands as a tribute to the lives of Peranakan women of the past.


An assortment of Peranakan-style porcelain ware.

A set of stairs leads from the first floor of the restaurant to the upper floor. The decor of the second floor is equally enchanting. A pair of gigantic doors made of teak wood is fixed to the wall and inscribed on it are four Chinese characters (which I could hardly make out with my sad command of Mandarin).

Since my dad is a full Baba (which makes me  half a Nyonya I guess), I thought that he might like dining at Meradelima. And I was right. My parents loved the setting of the entire place.

Our second visit – seated at the exact same spot.

Food wise, their menu has a mix of¬†Indonesian, Malay and Chinese food — thanks to the influence of the Peranakan era.


What we ordered.

Meradelima makes a lovely place for a family get-together or a private party. It is also a good place to take your tourist guests to. If you want to dine in privacy, there are various private dining rooms on both floors as well as an enclosed al fresco dining area.

Jl. Adityawarman No. 47, Senopati


Good Pork + Beer in Jakarta: POKENBIR


Pork belly at Pokenbir.

I’ve been sort of under the weather for the early part of this week because my dear husband passed me his potent flu virus (of all things to share with your wife tsk). So I’ve just been sleeping/snoozing/lazing in bed the past few days A LOT. But I’m much better now and even managed to drag myself to pilates class on Friday *big pat on back*.

After working out for an hour, I was craving something sinful, oily and fatty – PORK BELLY to be exact. And¬†Pokenbir‘s (pork and beer) the place to go for anything pork-related!

The restaurant is located on the ground floor of Lippo Kuningan office building, just next to Setiabudi One. It was my second time there for lunch and the place was as crowded as the previous time. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long.


Full house at Pokenbir during lunch hour.

Pokenbir has a very unassuming interior and reminds me somewhat of a dimly-lit basement bar. But don’t let outer appearances fool you; their food is pretty awesome!


2pm – half of the lunch crowd gone.


3pm – completely empty.

They specialize in pork and their dishes have a mix of Indonesian, Asian and Western influences. And the best thing – you can order loads of beer to go with your pork. What a splendid combination!! #PorkBeerHeaven


Pokenbir’s menu (page 1 of 2).


Pokenbir’s menu (page 2 of 2).

One must-order dish is their ‘The Pork Belly’ (IDR 95K for small). It comes with a potato side dish of your choice. We chose fries which turned out crisp and nice.

But the real BOMB was the pork belly — they were everything TENDER, JUICY, and CRISPY. Not to mention they came in chunky huge pieces. (Though I must say the skin was too crunchy for my liking, I felt as if my teeth were going to crack anytime!)


Pokenbir’s pork belly served with chili sauce, sweet soy sauce, and mustard.


HOW TO RESIST. Nom nom nom.

Pokenbir’s ‘Nasi Campur ala Bali’ (IDR 75K) was pretty good too. It came with various types of pork cooked differently in a single plating. Although it varied slightly from the original version we had in Bali, it was still very flavourful. (Be warned that the chili is SUPER DUPER SPICY!!)


Pokenbir’s Nasi Campur Bali.

If you happen to be craving noodles instead of rice, you can check out their ‘Pork Noodle with Gravy’ (IDR 50K). They were quite generous with the pork slices in the noodles and the dish felt slightly ‘healthier’ with the vegetables and all.


Pork noodle with gravy.

If you’re a pork lover (like me), you gotta check this place out! x.

Lippo Kuningan Building, G Floor
H. R. Rasuna Said, Kuningan

Spanish Tapas Gem in Jakarta: ¬ŅPor Qu√© No?

It has been about a year since¬†¬ŅPor Qu√© No? (I shall just use ‘Por Que No’ for the purpose of easy typing) opened her doors to the public. Translated from Spanish into English, the name Por Que No literally means “why not?”. So WHY NOT check this place out!


Por Que No on a quiet weekday afternoon.

The restaurant has a very quirky yet fun decor; right from the moment you step out of the lift, a giant signboard made from hundreds (perhaps thousands?!) of colour pencils greets you cheerily. Such a warm welcome! ūüôā


Huge signboard made up of colour pencils.

Located on the topmost floor of¬†De Ritz Building, Por Que No is separated into¬†two areas — an indoor dining room and an outdoor¬†lounge.

The indoor part of the restaurant looks like a greenhouse, with its full-length glass panels all round. Its interior is bathed in vibrant colours Рjazzy wooden chairs, pastel plushy cushions, and flashy wall decorations.


Lovely ambiance.


Gazillions of colour pencils glued together to form the feature wall.


Full length glass panels.

Por Que No is family friendly too with a kids’ corner – there are Lego blocks, books, art materials, and toys to keep your little ones occupied. Children can play at the kids’ corner whilst adults can have good conversations without interruptions (ideally).


Cute lil’ kids’ corner.

The al fresco area is kind of like a rooftop bar, and I can picture it to be really pretty at night. Not to mention it overlooks a beautiful night view of the city. *romantic*


Outdoor lounge with rooftop bar.

Por Que No’s main goal is to consistently maintain the authenticity of Spanish tapas (i.e. its unique yet homey taste). The chef and her team take their craft seriously and ensure that all food served on the table sticks to its authentic taste as much as possible.

Because Por Que No is a tapas restaurant, its menu consists mainly of tapas (DUH) –¬†small Spanish savory dishes.¬†These little treasures of Spain were originally made to accompany drinks and to¬†encourage conversation, because people are not so focused on eating an entire meal set before them. How ingenious!

Here are some of the tapas I ordered (not many because I was pretty full at that point):


Berenjenas Fritas (IDR 40K).

Berenjenas Fritas = fried eggplant chips with honey truffle. Really liked this one. The sweet and savoury coming together – SO GOOD!


Huevos Rotos (IDR 45K)

Huevos Rotos = broken runny egg topped with sliced potatoes and chorizo. A dish that seems so simple and basic yet tastes amazingly delish. Can’t go wrong with potatoes and eggs, I guess.


Croquetas de Champi√Īones (IDR 40K).

Croquetas de Champi√Īones = ¬†mushroom croquettes. This one was so-so only, in fact it tasted bland to me. Wouldn’t order it again.


Biquini (IDR 70).

Biquini = serrano ham, cheese and truffle sandwich. Although there was nothing extraordinary about this dish, it was like comfort food to me. Reminded me of the ham and cheese sandwiches Milma used to pack for my recess back in primary school. The truffle oil was a nice addition.

Oh, and check out their cool toilet sign made up of LEGO blocks.


LEGO toilet sign.

Since I’ve only tried four plates of tapas at Por Que No, I’ll def be back again to try the other dishes. And I happen to have a random paella craving now. :/

Por Que No
De Ritz Building, 5th floor
Jalan HOS. Cokroaminoto No. 91
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10350

Cutest Cafe in Menteng: Maple and Oak

NEW KID ON THE BLOCK in MENTENG! It has been about one month since Maple and Oak opened its doors to the public. Located in De Ritz Building, Menteng, I finally got down to checking it out last week because it is located just across the road from where I am intending to start my pilates lessons at.


Newly-opened Maple and Oak.

Maple and Oak is an all-day brunch place (can never have enough of brunch!) serving brunch-like food (DUH). The whole cafe interior  from the colour mix to the decor is SUPER PRETTY, HOMEY, yet MODERN РI fell in love with it at first sight.

Maple and Oak has given me some¬†design inspirations for the new home. I recently bought some artificial plant frames online, which kinda look like the ones they’ve hung up all over the cafe.

Picture on the left shows Maple and Oak’s triangular plant frames, while the picture on the right shows the square plant frames I bought. What do you think? ūüôā

To compensate for its small cafe space, Maple and Oak has a lovely al-fresco area fronting the cafe along the main road. The al-fresco area resembles that of a balcony of a shophouse, with its lush green plants hanging down. Very nice to chill.


Perfect spot to sip a cuppa coffee and people-watch.

From what I’ve read, Maple and Oak is helmed by celebrity Chef Odie Djamil. Apart from brunch food, the place also serves salads, desserts,¬†coffee, tea, cold pressed juices, mocktails and beer.¬†The coffee bar opens as early as 7a.m. for early-risers, but the kitchen only starts cracking at 9 a.m..

Both my cafe-hopping buddy Ivana and I ordered the same thing – Salmon Eggs Benedict (IDR 83k) and a cold pressed juice (IDR 40K).


Coldpressed ‘Red’ and ‘Yellow’ (IDR 40K each).


Salmon Eggs Benedict (IDR 83K).

Their Salmon Eggs Benedict was pretty good stuff – eggs were on point (very runny), cured red salmon was fresh and chewy, sourdough toast was buttery and nice, salad had fresh baby spinach leaves (LOVE BABY SPINACH) amongst others, and most importantly their plating was SO PRETTY. We couldn’t bear to tuck in!


Happy satisfied diners. ūüôā

For sweets, Ivana and I shared a Mascarpone Lychee Berry (IDR 48K) comprising light mascarpone mousse, sliced lychee and strawberries, mixed berry coulis, maple milk bread croutons, homemade granola, and edible flowers. It was supposed to have meringue buttons but I think they ran out of them.


Mascarpone Lychee Berry (IDR 48K).

The flavours came together nicely and I liked the fact that it wasn’t too sweet. The sourness of the fruits balanced the sweetness of the mascarpone well. Don’t you think it looks super gorgeous?! It provided a lovely ending to our brunch.

If you’re in Menteng, be sure to check out Maple and Oak. It definitely won’t disappoint! Bring a book along and have fun. ‚̧

Maple & Oak
De Ritz Building 1st floor
Jl. HOS. Cokroaminoto no 91
Menteng, Central Jakarta