Best Chocolate Cake in Jakarta: Better CHOCOlate Than Never

I’m not sure how you like your chocolate cakes done but I love mine rich in taste yet moist and light, not too sweet, soft and blanketed between layers of chocolate fudge. And…I think I’ve found just that at betterCHOCOlatethannever, a chocolate dessert house located in Senopati.


betterCHOCOlatethannever @ Jl. Senopati 41 C.

In fact, the signature chocolate cake at betterCHOCOlatethannever reminds me of my favouritest childhood chocolate cake – Lana cake homebaked by Mrs Violet Kwan. Sadly, she’s retiring and I wonder if it’ll still be around by the time we come back (you can read more about it here: Lana Cake’s Violet Kwan, 88, is retiring).

Their chocolate cake also bears some semblance to that of Awfully Chocolate‘s. Both are equally delish. One thing though, I wish betterCHOCOlatethannever had some form of Chocolate Banana Cake like Awfully Chocolate’s – two layers of fresh bananas in the chocolate cake – that would have been my ideal. Nevertherless, even without the bananas, their chocolate cake is still YUM.



The entire cake shop is decorated with their trademark yellow boxes. The interior is simple yet comfortable. Seems like a good place to come in your T-shirt and jeans and just bury your face in chocolate.



BetterCHOCOlatethannever serves all kinds of desserts made from chocolate. Apart from various kinds of chocolate cakes, they also sell chocolate pies, cupcakes, fresh handmade truffles, ice-cream + beverages.

According to them, their cakes are freshly baked from scratch using premium chocolate (from Europe!!) and fine quality natural ingredients. No artificial additives or preservatives are added to extend the shelf life of their products. #goodtoknow


Chocolate cakes on display.

We ordered 1 Classic Dark Chocolate Baby Cake (IDR 42k) and 1 Strawberry Cheese Chocolate Pie (IDR 46k) to share between the two of us. Being a dutiful wife, I also packed back 2 slices of cakes to share with Agent D. #goodthingsmustSHARE


Classic Dark Chocolate Baby Cake (IDR 42k).


Moist and chocolatey goodness.

I really liked the Classic Dark Chocolate Baby Cake. It is the kind of cake I would find myself regularly craving for and yet never tire of. I could possible eat this for breakfast everyday! NO KID.


Strawberry Cheese Chocolate Pie (IDR 46k).


Strawberry chocolate cheese all in 1!

The combination of crumbly chocolate as the base (not sure if they used oreo?), cheese in between, and strawberry jam-like chunks on top is quite a winner as well. A nice deviation from all the chocolate stuff if you’re feeling fruity.


Hot lime tea to wash down all the sugar and calories.

The two cake slices I took away were the Greek Yogurt Chocolate (IDR 42k) and the Black Forest Baby Cake (IDR 42k). They were packed in mini yellow boxes like this.


Takeaway box.


Greek Yogurt Chocolate Cake (IDR 42k).

This cake was quite a refreshing change. I loved it that the greek yogurt had a creamy texture and wasn’t overly sweet. And I felt less guilty at the thought that I was eating yogurt-cake. If you’re calorie conscious, perhaps this might be a safer option heh.


Black Forest Baby Cake (IDR 42k).

This one has generous quantities of dark-pitted cherries soaked in rum sandwiched between layers of chocolate fudge and fresh cream. Moist and tender, like the Classic Dark Chocolate Baby Cake. I prefer their Classic Dark Chocolate Cake much more though. Felt that the cherries were a lil’ too overpowering.

Here’s a list of their cakes and prices for your reference:


BetterCHOCOlateThanNever price list.

I can picture myself ordering their Classic Dark Chocolate Cake (S) for lunch sometime soon!

Jl. Senopati no.41 C
Jakarta Selatan 12190