Last Few Days HOME

So happy that I managed to satisfy some of my cravings in my last few days back in SG. Hawker food is one thing I always miss when in Jakarta – it’s hard to find things like hokkien mee, char kway teow, orh luak (oyster omelette), bak chor mee, etc. Even if there are stalls selling them, they hardly taste the same as the ones back home.

Agent D once ordered “hokkien mee” at Hotel Mulia. When it was served to him, he thought that the waiter had got his order wrong. But noooooooo. That blackish, thick-sauced noodles WAS HOKKIEN MEE. :/


Hokkien mee from Tian Tian Lai – my deathbed dish.


Thomson egg prata.


Wanton mee with sio bak.

There are so much more things I want to eat but don’t have the time to. SOBS.

Anyhow, glad that I managed to catch up with some friends whom I’ve not seen for a veryyyy loooonng time on this trip. Was too carried away chatting that I forgot to document photos with most of them!


Reminiscing uni days with Vania.

And of course, my last play date with baby fatty, momma Juli, and dear Estelle. ❤


My armpits smell nice, not like you adults!

Babies grow so fast. I wonder if fatty Joseph will still recognize me few months from now?

A Part of Happy Celebrations

Being in Jakarta, one of the more difficult things for me is missing happy celebrations back home. I can only look at photos posted on Facebook/Instagram, thinking about all the fun I’ve missed out and wishing I was there. Even if I were to crop my face into the photos, it wouldn’t be the same. :/

Anyhow, I am glad that I was able to be a part of + witness a dear friend’s proposal last Saturday. It wasn’t deliberately coordinated but I just so happened to be in SG that weekend. And boy was it sweeeeeet!

A few days before the proposal, Juli, Est and myself helped Shaun with some of the preparations.

Shaun was quite nervous so we ran through his lines and the proposal sequence with him.


Practising with Mr. Sheep.

Thankfully everything went according to plan. Was quite afraid I’d give it away through a slip of the tongue (happens quite often with me) or accidentally type the wrong thing in the wrong WhatsApp group. We somehow managed to lure Adeline to the proposal venue on the pretext that we were having a get-together since I was back.


Big awww.


And of course, photo-taking is a must with every celebratory occasion.

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Yesterday, I got to meet up with my JC friends and we celebrated the April babies’ birthdays. Nothing beats being in the company of good ol’ friends.


Blessed birthday Sean and Fiona!!!

Celebrations aside, I’m almost down to running my last errand before I head back to Jakarta. There’s always so much to see to when I come back — buy food products for cooking, settle bills, stock up on vitamins/ supplements, visit the dentist, go for health check-up, ETC ETC.

So I FINALLY made a new set of retainers and did my fitting last Friday. Have been procrastinating to get it done since last year. My current one is in such a bad state – the plastic is degenerating and there are holes all over (dentist says I grind my teeth at night). I literally have to hide my retainers away when guests come to my home and use the toilet.

I’ve not been very diligent with wearing my retainers EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and my teeth have sadly shifted. They’re no longer as neat as they used to be and my upper left front tooth is now a lil’ buck-like. 😦


My teeth mould.

My dentist gave me the mould of my teeth to keep as a souvenir. How kind of him. It’s now sitting above my bed, reminding me every night, “WEAR YOUR RETAINERS DEB” !!!!!!!!!!