Freckles The Tortie is 4 Months!!!


Freckles @ 14 weeks.

TIME FLIES. Freckles the lil’ girl is coming 4 months in two weeks time. In terms of cat years, I think she is nearing puberty?!! Though still very much a sweetheart, Freckles is becoming increasingly defiant (PMS!!). Sometimes after a scolding, she deliberately commits the wrongdoing AGAIN + shoots us a glare. :/ :/ :/

As a female teen, Freckles is learning to appreciate the finer things in life such as…smelling flowers.



Thankfully Freckles is not at the boy crazy/raging hormones stage yet. Heard that female cats give out LOUD SHRILL PERSISTENT wails when they are “in the heat” which can last all night long. Sorry Freckles, but we have decided to sterilize you. It’s for your own good really, please understand your parents’ heart.

Freckles recently went for her second vaccination, exactly one month after her first. Her third and last vaccination + rabies jab is due end of September, after which we can proceed to spay her.


Freckles’ health booklet. 2 vaccinations down, 1 more to go!

According to Dr. Osye, Freckles’ weight has increased from 1.2 kg to 1.8 kg in just one month (no wonder my hands are getting sore after holding her for a couple of minutes!). She’s growing too fast. 😦


Poor Freckles running a fever after her second vaccination.

Before heading to the vet, Agent D and I put her in the bubble bath and gave her a good scrub. (She’s not allowed to touch water for a week after getting vaccinated.)

Freckles is reacting much better to water now. Two months back when we first bathed her, man was it a nightmare. She would – CLAW. CRY. SCREAM. BITE. CLAW. CRY. SCREAM. BITE – up to the very moment she got out of the bathtub.

Recently, I lugged back 2 new toys for Freckles all the way from Singapore — a cat tree house and a cat bed. BOY WERE THEY HEAVVVVY!! Because of them, I had to pay for 20 kg check-in luggage space on Jetstar.

I’m so glad she’s lovin’ her new toys. Makes all the effort and $$$ worth it. Here’s Freckles enjoying her new tree house.

 And here’s Freckles in her new crib. She loves to laze in it and watch the world go by.

Like all growing teenagers, Freckles has been napping a whole lot less compared to when she was a baby kitten. Missing the times where she napped on my lap for hours. 😦

I love taking photos of her asleep. That’s the only time when she is an absolute angel (VS absolute tyrant when awake).






Little manja just waking up from a short nap in my arms.

Dear Freckles, I hope you continue to eat and grow well + transform into a beautiful lady. I don’t think boys are going to like your hyperactivity much (correct me if I’m wrong).


BEEG slurpy kiss for momma.

Till the next update! x