From Bali to Jakarta: Nebula Kuningan

An established household name in Bali (with three restaurants in Kuta, Petitenget and Ubud), Nebula has decided to set up home in Jakarta. And no better place to open a restaurant than the vibrant neighbourhood of Kuningan…simply because it is my hood hehe. 😉

With her sleek industrial interior, Nebula radiates a modern and urban feel without coming across as pretentious. Minimalist yet cozy at the same time!


Bar area.

While ambiance plays a key role in every restaurant, Nebula’s main mission is to deliver a personalized culinary experience to guests by transforming good ol’ comfort food into tasteful delights.

There are two different kinds of menu — Lunch Menu and Dinner Menu. Both menus offer a selection of hearty Indonesian fusion dishes and innovative cocktails.

Nebula Kuningan, Kuningan Menu

Nebula Kuningan, Kuningan Menu

The former focuses on quick one dish options for office workers to eat during lunchtime (individual servings) whereas the latter focuses on dishes that are best enjoyed communally over long conversations (dishes for sharing).


Can’t wait to tuck in!

This means you need to visit Nebula at least TWICE to try out all their food. 😉 I’ve been to Nebula a few times for lunch and only once for dinner and all their dishes are amazing. Some of my favourites include their Soft-Shell Crab Bao, Thai Fried Rice Pork Belly, Nasi Campur Bali, Salted Egg Squid (a very Singaporean dish!), Chicken Betutu (super tender and tasty), and Glazed Shirt Ribs.

Most times I was too busy eating to snap pictures of the food. Here’s what I got:


Thai Fried Rice Pork Belly (IDR 60k).


Spaghetti Tuna Hang Jebat (IDR 55k).

For the healthy/weight conscious, fret not. Nebula has brought over their infamous smoothies bowls from Bali!!! I absolutely love their Healthy Bowl with greek yoghurt as the base (IDR 55k).


Healthy Bowl (IDR 55k).


Served in round wooden bowls with wooden spoons. Such pretty colours!

Expect to spend about IDR 150k-200k/pax for food and drinks at Nebula (lunch would be cheaper). The calories gained are worth every penny!

Nebula Kuningan 
Kantor Taman A9
Jalan Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Lot 8.9
Mega Kuningan, Jakarta 12950

Good Pork + Beer in Jakarta: POKENBIR


Pork belly at Pokenbir.

I’ve been sort of under the weather for the early part of this week because my dear husband passed me his potent flu virus (of all things to share with your wife tsk). So I’ve just been sleeping/snoozing/lazing in bed the past few days A LOT. But I’m much better now and even managed to drag myself to pilates class on Friday *big pat on back*.

After working out for an hour, I was craving something sinful, oily and fatty – PORK BELLY to be exact. And Pokenbir‘s (pork and beer) the place to go for anything pork-related!

The restaurant is located on the ground floor of Lippo Kuningan office building, just next to Setiabudi One. It was my second time there for lunch and the place was as crowded as the previous time. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long.


Full house at Pokenbir during lunch hour.

Pokenbir has a very unassuming interior and reminds me somewhat of a dimly-lit basement bar. But don’t let outer appearances fool you; their food is pretty awesome!


2pm – half of the lunch crowd gone.


3pm – completely empty.

They specialize in pork and their dishes have a mix of Indonesian, Asian and Western influences. And the best thing – you can order loads of beer to go with your pork. What a splendid combination!! #PorkBeerHeaven


Pokenbir’s menu (page 1 of 2).


Pokenbir’s menu (page 2 of 2).

One must-order dish is their ‘The Pork Belly’ (IDR 95K for small). It comes with a potato side dish of your choice. We chose fries which turned out crisp and nice.

But the real BOMB was the pork belly — they were everything TENDER, JUICY, and CRISPY. Not to mention they came in chunky huge pieces. (Though I must say the skin was too crunchy for my liking, I felt as if my teeth were going to crack anytime!)


Pokenbir’s pork belly served with chili sauce, sweet soy sauce, and mustard.


HOW TO RESIST. Nom nom nom.

Pokenbir’s ‘Nasi Campur ala Bali’ (IDR 75K) was pretty good too. It came with various types of pork cooked differently in a single plating. Although it varied slightly from the original version we had in Bali, it was still very flavourful. (Be warned that the chili is SUPER DUPER SPICY!!)


Pokenbir’s Nasi Campur Bali.

If you happen to be craving noodles instead of rice, you can check out their ‘Pork Noodle with Gravy’ (IDR 50K). They were quite generous with the pork slices in the noodles and the dish felt slightly ‘healthier’ with the vegetables and all.


Pork noodle with gravy.

If you’re a pork lover (like me), you gotta check this place out! x.

Lippo Kuningan Building, G Floor
H. R. Rasuna Said, Kuningan

Cute Cafe in Kuningan: Harlow Brasserie

Last Friday, I finally got to check out Harlow Cafe – an exciting new Brasserie concept located in Kuningan (lovin’ the fact that it’s just 10 minutes away from me!). The concept behind Harlow is to bring to diners a melting pot of cultural flavors and diversity that New York City offers in a fun yet casual setting.


Homely  Scandinavian architecture of Harlow Brasserie.

Located on the mezzanine floor of H Tower in Kuningan, Harlow’s interior is Scandinavian-styled (which I absolutely adore). The brasserie is nestled within a beautiful view of pine trees and its full length glass windows allow daylight to stream in, brightening up the entire place.


Open and well lit design. Spot the pine trees outside? 🙂

The main dining area can seat up to 150 people which is ideal for functions of all sorts ranging from business meetings, casual gatherings, bridal showers, birthday parties, product launches, etc.

When I was there with Ivana on Friday, we happened to be the only ones having lunch at that time. It could be because June is the fasting month of Ramadan. Anyhow, it was pretty shiok. It was as if we had booked the entire restaurant and the waiters were serving us only. Perfect for a great chit-chat in a serene setting.


A variety of seating at the bar, hangout lounge and tables.

Interestingly, Harlow serves daily continental breakfast (buffet-style) to residents of Citadines serviced apartment nearby. As such, they open super early for breakfast from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m., continuing with lunch until 5 p.m., and serving dinner till 10 p.m. For those who need an early breakfast fix after morning gym, before going to work, etc – Harlow is the place to go!

I took a picture of their lunch menu for your reference. 🙂 They are currently having a weekday lunch special: IDR 100K nett for selected mains + drink. Very value for $$$!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Harlow prides itself in using healthy farm ingredients (not sure how true though). In addition to its core menu, Harlow offers by-monthly special menus highlighting the various ethnic neighborhood cuisines of New York City, such as China Town, Little Tokyo, Astoria and many more.

Ivana and I went for their lunch special (can’t say no to a good bargain!).


Against the pretty background.

Complimentary bread was served first, followed by the mains. I liked the fact that they took effort to heat up the bread. Love butter melting on warm soft bread!


Complimentary bread and free drink (ice lemon/peach tea).


Aglio olio with prawns.

The pasta was cooked al dente and had a good bite to it. It was a little on the dry side though, and portions were smaller than usual. But not complaining since it was a lunch special.

After lunch, we still had a bit of space in our tummies and so ordered a honey cheesecake to share.


Honey cheesecake.

The cheesecake was nice and creamy but I couldn’t taste any honey. :/

All in all, Harlow Brasserie in Kuningan is a nice place to have a lazy casual lunch at. Due to its spacious layout, one can talk loudly enough with having anyone eavesdrop on his/her conversations! The prices are mid range for Jakarta standards. 🙂

Harlow Brasserie
The H Tower, Mezzanine Floor
Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said Kav. 20
Jakarta 12940

After lunch, Ivana came over to play with Freckles. Ivana was amused at how small Freckles was, only slightly larger than the size of her palm. But to me, she’s growing wayyy too fast. (I secretly wish she would stay mini forever!)


Little Freckles on Aunty Ivana’s lap.

As usual, Freckles was prancing around with great bursts of energy (a result of long periods of napping). We managed to quieten her down for a few wefies. It was so hard to get her to look at the camera though!

After expending all her energy, she fell asleep almost immediately. #suchacutie


Struggling to keep awake.

Thank you for helping us take photos, Aunty Ivana! ❤ ❤ ❤

Come and play with Freckles again soon pleassssse.