Restaurant Series: AMKC Atelier at Plaza Indonesia

So AMKC Atelier has been around for a few months now. Unlike other new restaurants whose hype die down after a while, AMKC Atelier seems to be getting more crowded each time I pass it in Plaza Indonesia.

It is the brainchild of Adhika Maxi and Karen Carlotta (hence AMKC in short), the husband and wife chef team behind the successful UNION. (side note: UNION serves one of the best red velvet cakes everrrr.) AMKC Atelier serves French inspired cuisine and Indonesian inspired artisan pastries.

The restaurant has a very unpretentious yet classy interior with its whitewashed walls and polished white tables.


Very crowded during lunch hour.

I’ve been to AMKC Atelier once before with Agent D and his friends. During that visit, I found their food (I had a truffle angel hair pasta with sea urchin and pork crackling + T-bone steak for sharing)  to be okayish good only. However, the desserts were BELLY GOOD. Certainly one of the best I’ve tasted around Jakarta.

Joellyn was swinging by Jakarta this week and we decided to catch up at AMKC Atelier near her hotel. Its been a while since we last had a nice long chat and I was very happy to see her! Back in 2011, we were both freshers in Oxford (Joe as an undergrad and me as a Masters student) and despite the 5-year age gap between us (dang she’s so young!) – we somehow managed to click very well haha. ❤


With Joellyn at AMKC.

I was having my usual creamy craving (did i tell you I never ever eat tomato-based pasta?!) and ordered a ‘Spaghetti Carbonara with Pork Belly and Crunchy Crackling’ (IDR 145K). Joe went for the ‘Atlantic Black Cod with Pomme Puree and Soy Orange Beurre Noisette’ (IDR 270K). I must say the food pricing at AMKC Atelier is on the steeper end for Jakarta standards.


Spaghetti Carbonara with Pork Belly and Crunchy Crackling.


Atlantic Black Cod with Pomme Puree and Soy Orange Beurre Noisette.

As you can see from the above pictures, their portions are pretty small. Perfect for diet-conscious people like me heh. My carbonara was a little too dry and there was nothing spectacular about it. The pork belly was good though, its fats melted in my mouth. Ooh.

Strangely, Joellyn liked the sides on her dish more so than the cod itself. She found the food not bad overall (I think).


Mains aside, the REAL HIGHLIGHT of AMKC Atelier for me is their DESSERTS. While they have classics like ‘Red Velvet Cake’, ‘Pavlova’, and ‘Sticky Date Toffee’, their cake selection is mainly inspired by authentic Indonesian desserts.

Some of their uniquely created cakes include ‘Pisang Ijo Cake’, ‘Teh Botol Cake’, ‘Lapis Cokelat/Cheese Cake’, ‘Jagung Manis Cake’, ‘Es Teler Cake’, ‘Martabak Cake’, ‘Nastar (pineapple jam) Cheesecake’, and the list goes on. All literally in cake form but having the exact tastes of pisang ijo, teh botol, martabak, etc.

Special mention goes to the ‘Pisang Ijo Cake’ (IDR 55K) – a light fluffy sponge cake layered with butter cream and slices of banana. It carries the taste of the sweet red syrup similar to Makassar’s ‘Pisang Ijo’ ice dessert.

Their ‘Martabak Cake’ (IDR 55K) – tastes and smells like…the real martabak complete with chocolate, cheese and peanuts. It was a cake like no other, sweet and salty coming together.

And of course, not forgetting their much raved about ‘Es Teler Cake’ (IDR 55K) – fluffy pandan chiffon cake rich in jackfruit flavor, which totally resembles a bowl of es teler. So yum.

So far, I’ve tried the ‘Es Teler Cake’ and ‘Martabak Cake’ on my first visit (sadly didn’t take pictures). Both didn’t disappoint at all! 🙂

This time round with Joellyn, we went for the  ‘Choco Banana Rum’ (IDR 50K) – my favouritest cake combination (I’m a true blue chocolate & banana fan!). The cake was super moist, very chocolatey, and  rich in bananas and rum. I felt that it tasted like the good ol’ lana cake from Singapore – only much better.


In Choco-Banana-Rum heaven.

You have to try it!!! X

AMKC Atelier
Plaza Indonesia Level 1 
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat 10350

Cafe Series: AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe

AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe is a joint collaboration between Jaddi Foods Group and Japanese celebrity chef Akira Watanabe. Originally from Tokyo, this Jakarta outlet is their virgin outlet outside of Japan.

AW Kitchen marries both my love for Japanese and Italian food by serving Italian cuisine with a Japanese twist (i.e. Italian-Japanese fusion dishes). The restaurant has a colourful decor (totally in love with their tiled flooring!) which exudes homey and modern vibes.


Bar + high chairs.


Such pretty red and blue seat cushions.

My first visit to AW kitchen was on Sarah’s recommendation. We both loved their warm complimentary bread (soft on the inside but crispy on the outside) with olive bits in it. The salted butter melting into the bread = SO GOOOOOOD.


Fluffy, warm complimentary bread.

If my memory serves me right, Sarah had a “Capellini with Sakura Shrimp and Truffle Oil” (IDR 85K) – cold capellini angel hair pasta tossed with truffle oil and shrimps.


Capellini with Sakura Shrimp and Truffle Oil.

I was feeling mushroomy and risottoish that day and ordered a “Japanese Mushroom Risotto” (IDR 118k) – creamy Italian risotto served with assorted Japanese mushrooms like Maitake, King Oyster, Shimeji, and Champignon. The risotto was cooked and seasoned nicely. If you ❤ mushrooms as much as I do, you’ll like it! Confirm plus guarantee got chop.


Japanese Mushroom Risotto.


With Sarah. (Thankful to God for providing singlish friendships in Jakarta)

Just yesterday, I visited AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe again with Ivana. We both had creamy cravings and got for ourselves two creamy pastas each. I ordered a “Cream Sauce Pasta with Salmon and Broccoli” (IDR 118K) while Ivana had a “Cream Sauce Pasta with Veal Ragout” (IDR 125K).

Our homemade pasta was cooked to al dente; the creamy sauce had the right amount of creaminess level (thankfully not too jelak!). My salmon pieces were perfectly half broiled and went well with the broccoli. YUM. I tried a bit of Ivana’s pasta – the sauce tasted almost the same but with a meatish tinge of flavour.


With Ivana. (Thanks for being a constant in Jakarta)

I ordered a teapot of moroccan mint tea hoping to wash down all the fats and calories from the creamy pasta (as if). Although we were really FULL after finishing our savoury mains, something felt amiss. OH YES, SOMETHING SWEEEET.


Banana Tiramisu with pretty presentation.

We easily settled on the “Banana Tiramisu” (IDR 68k) because it was the chef’s recommendation. The presentation was really pretty! Aesthetics aside, the banana tiramisu was…AWESOME. It was very light and smooth, not too sweet, and creamy. The coffee flavour wasn’t too overpowering. I felt that the banana slices and crunchy caramelized sugar on top complemented the tiramisu well. #heavenonearth

I went home a very full and happy girl. 🙂 🙂 🙂

AW Kitchen by Akira Watanabe
Plaza Indonesia Level 2
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.28-30
Central Jakarta, 10350