Another UNION Kid on the Block: THE DUTCH JAKARTA

THE DUTCH is a modern gastropub by Union Group which has names like UNION, Cork & Screw, Benedict, E&O, Bistecca (and many more) under its belt. Situated between the SCBD and Senopati districts, The Dutch can be found on the ground floor of 18 Parc Place.

Checking out The Dutch at Parc Place.

It is headed by Chef Chris Moes, a Dutch chef who has lived and worked in Jakarta for some time (hence the name The Dutch – DUH). Unlike what its name suggests, The Dutch is not a Dutch cuisine specialty restaurant.

Homemade sausages to go, anyone? 🙂

Instead, it adopts a smokehouse concept where cold cuts, sausages, smoked and cured meats are prepared in-house (i.e. homemade). You can expect hearty Western/Asian fare on the menu along with some Dutch classics.

Awesome housemade sausages!

The minimalist restaurant is designed by renowned architect, Andra Matin, who has a big love for open spaces. This is reflected in the large open kitchen which allow guests to peer into.


Large open kitchen with bar counter seats.

Its interior is dimly lit with industrial vibes and a spacious feel. All the windows are covered by metal bar grilles, allowing tiny amounts of light to stream in (forgive my badly taken pictures – totally blaming the lighting hehe). The atmosphere is warm and inviting; people settle in and get comfortable over booze.


Warm and inviting atmosphere.


Agent D and I both felt a little under the weather so we stayed away from alcohol and ordered hot tea + fresh orange juice instead.

 Being a gastrobar, The Dutch functions as a restaurant cum pub. If you’re an alcohol lover, you’ll adore this place. Headlining the bar is a copper multi-tap beer tower, dispensing seven kinds of draught brews. The selection ranges from local favourites to international ales; each pour is perfectly frosty due to the cold pipe system.


7 beer taps + 1 cocktail tap.

Beer aside, the cocktail list at The Dutch runs gourmet and experimental, incorporating exotic ingredients and interesting techniques. It is legitly the first pub in Jakarta that serves cocktail direct from a tap. Plus they have loads of happy hour promotions going on throughout the week. So look out for that!

Food-wise, The Dutch makes really delish homemade sausages and cured meats. Don’t forget to pair your sausages with the mustard on the side. Its SO GOOOD. The waiter recommended Erwtensoep – traditional Dutch split pea soup and Braised Lamb in Puff Pastry but we decided to go with other options.


The Dutch’s Menu.

Here’s what we ordered:

Classic Bratwurst with sauerkraut and mustard on the side (IDR 105k). Traditionally handmade using natural casing, and then slow-smoked in house. Orange juice was genuinely fresh (IDR 55K).


Caesar Salad had an overdose of parmesan and was a tad dry (IDR 90k).


Spaghetti Aglio Olio with pork (IDR 90k). Quite a nice change from the usual prawn/chicken.


Soy-glazed Duck Wings on rice with pickled vegetables (IDR 95k). Duck wings were good but Agent D left the pickled veges untouched.

Food at The Dutch is not exactly cheap but the portions and quality are good. For both of us, the bill came out to about IDR 580k. That said, we had an enjoyable meal. 🙂


Sundate brunchin’.

After lunch, we spotted a really pretty mini park/garden opposite Parc Place and headed there to walk off some pounds. The trees, plants and flowers were beautifully landscaped. Such a pleasant surprise after lunch!

We had to leave after about 15 minutes because I was becoming food for the mozzies. Dang should have brought my mosquito repellent out.

And that’s how my Sunday went by. How did yours go? 🙂

The Dutch Gastrobar (by UNION Group)
18 Parc Place Tower E, Ground Floor
Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53, SCBD
Jakarta Selatan 12190

Healthy Eating in Jakarta: Wholesome Smoothie Bowls at Berrywell

What is a smoothie bowl?

While a regular smoothie can be slurped up with a straw, a smoothie bowl is much thicker in consistency (i.e. you’ll have to enjoy it with a spoon). One can add endless (healthy) toppings to their smoothie bowl – homemade granola, muesli, frozen fruits, raisins, nuts, acai, chia seeds…the list is endless.

Smoothie bowls are perfect for breakfast/brunch/lunch, as a post-workout meal, or even for dessert. YUMMM. So where can you get your smoothie bowl fix in Jakarta??


Smoothie bowls at Berrywell (credit: @berrywelljkt).

Located in the basement carpark of Fairgrounds, Berrywell is a minimalist health bar which serves up wholesome smoothie bowls of goodness. The smoothie bowls at Berrywell are very reasonably priced taking into account the fact that many of their ingredients are imported (e.g. acai berries are from Brazil).

There is a grand total of EIGHT tempting smoothie bowls on their menu — from  Berry Well Signature (with acai, banana, mixed berries and coco water), to PB & B (with banana, peanut butter and multigrain milk), to Choco Chia Parfait (with chocolate, chia seeds, coffee, honey and multigrain milk), to Green Energy for the super health conscious (with spinach, sunkist, banana, pineapple, and multigrain milk). Sounds ah-maaazing, doesn’t it!


A healthy kind of lunch. But soOooo good!

Apart from smoothie bowls which come in either small or regular size, Berrywell also offers actual smoothies, cold-pressed juices, a small selection of vegetarian-friendly burgers and wraps, guilt-free cakes, tea (from Lewis & Carroll) and coffee. I love it that the calorie count is displayed for all items on the menu.


Cake corner.

I visited Berrywell with Sasha and Ivana right after our pilates session. As it was my post-workout meal, I opted for a small Amaze-Bowl (153 cal) + a Banoffee Smoothie (174 cal). The two combined were pretty filling for lunch. #NoMoreNasiGoreng #NoMorePasta


Small Amaze-Bowl with acai, mixed berries, cranberries, banana and coco water (153 cal) – IDR 45k.

My Amaze-Bowl’s smoothie base is made up of acai, mixed berries, cranberries, banana and coconut water blended together. The smoothie is really smooth and thick – which means fruits > water was added in. It was topped up with generous portions of granola, banana, peach, pumpkin, chia seeds and grated coconut.


Small Dragon Bowl-Z with dragon fruit, mixed berries, banana and coco water (158 cal) – IDR 40k.

If you are a dragon fruit fan, you’ll love this Dragon Bowl-Z. Guarantee plus chop.


Regular Berry Well Signature with acai, banana, mixed berries and coco water (306 cal) – IDR 60k.

If you are spoilt for choice, you won’t go wrong with the establishment’s Berrywell Signature with acai, banana, mixed berries and coconut water as the base. And topped off with banana, kiwi, granola, chia seeds, coconut and chocolate flakes.

Am lovin’ this smoothie bowl super food. Can’t wait to check out other smoothie bowl places in Jakarta!

P.S.: Berrywell does not add sugar into their bowls; the sweetness of each bowl comes mainly from the fruits. 🙂

P.P.S.: Berrywell’s sister company, Leafwell, caters healthy meals to your doorstep. Their dishes are nutritionally counted and prepared daily using organic and fresh products.

Fairground SCBD Lot 14
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53
Jakarta, Indonesia 12430