Singapore Char Kway Teow in Jakarta: Singapore Restaurant

One of the things I miss most about being away from home is the HAWKER FOOD – hokkien mee, char kway teow, orh luak, bak chor mee, char siew + roast pork rice, the list goes on and on. And so nothing excites me more than when I manage to find a good replica of Singapore hawker food here in Jakarta (!!!).

A few months back, my driver took one of the small roads to Grand Indonesia shopping town. On the way there, I happened to catch sight of a big signboard with the words “Singapore Restaurant”. There were quite a number of cars parked outside the restaurant (= food should be good right?!). I immediately texted Agent D to tell him about it and made a mental note to check out the place sometime soon.


Singapore Restaurant in Menteng.

Sometime soon came in the form of last Sunday (not very ‘soon’ heh). The restaurant interior reminded me of a typical zhi char restaurant in Singapore with round tables scattered all around. It also seemed to be a family type of place – most tables were made up of grandmas, grandpas, dads, mums, children, and helpers. Agent D and I were one of only two couples dining there at that time.


Loving the Singapore label all over.


Menu page containing Singapore specials (some are not exactly Singapore dishes though).

As char kway teow was their signature dish, Agent D and I got for ourselves one plate each. We also ordered a kailan with garlic in the hopes that it would even out the sinfulness (fats and oil) of our char kway teow. 🙂


Char kway teow (kwetiau goreng).

I didn’t have high expectations for the char kway teow but it turned out to be pretty authentic. LOVED the generous portions of si hum (cockles) thrown inside. If only there were lup cheong and pork lard too, life would be complete. 🙂 🙂 🙂

In case you don’t know what char kway teow is…the dish is considered a national favourite of Singapore. It is made from flat rice noodles of approximately 1 cm in width, stir-fried over very high heat with light and dark soy sauce, chili, prawns, deshelled cockles, bean sprouts and chopped Chinese chives. The dish is commonly stir-fried with egg, slices of chinese sausage (lup cheong) and fishcake. Char kway teow is traditionally stir-fried in pork fat, with crisp croutons of pork lard (!!). One word – SHIOK.


Kailan with garlic overdose.

I didn’t quite take to the kailan for the mere fact that there was simply too much fried garlic served on top of it. The taste of garlic was overpowering. I think only Popeye would have appreciated it.

Thankfully, the Chinese tea we ordered helped to flush down the fats and oil (or so we think, since the vegetables were of little help).

I would definitely return to Singapore Restaurant in Menteng to satisfy my char kway teow cravings again! ❤

Singapore Restaurant
Jl. Purworejo No. 28
Menteng, Jakarta


Char kway teow aside, SELAMAT IDUL FITRI to all my Indonesian and Muslim friends!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Ray is visiting Jakarta this week and I was very happy to catch up with him and Christine today. I got to know Ray from Bahasa Indonesian language class during Atma Jaya days. The last I saw him was in January this year, when he returned to Taiwan for good.
We used to practise our Bahasa Indonesian together but we’ve both gotten really rusty since classes ended. Dang. HARUS BERLATIH. So today we conversed mainly in English and lousy Mandarin on my end.

Good seeing you today Ray! Please come again to Jakarta soon!!!

Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice in Jakarta: Chatterbox

I think I’ve found good Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice in Jakarta!!! *excited*


Cravings satisfied.

Located in Plaza Senayan’s SOGO department store, Chatterbox Indonesia serves mostly Asian Cuisine (out of which many are Singapore dishes). Some of the Singaporean cuisine include “Newton Indian Mee Goreng”, “Singapore Prawn Laksa”, and “Hokkien Mee”. According to Chatterbox, no Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is added to their food. AWESOMMME.

I can’t vouch for the other food but I must say their “Hainanese Chicken Rice” (IDR 69K) is pretty legit stuff. The rice was fragrant and the chicken was tender and juicy. Not to mention, the portions were generous too. Even the chilli tasted like the one back home (although not too spicy). SO GOOD.


One step closer to home with this Hainanese Chicken Rice.

I ordered some “Braised Soy Eggs” (IDR 25K) to accompany my Hainanese Chicken Rice. The eggs came with a portion of bok choy in the middle. Always happy to have more greens. Although the soy eggs went well with the rice, I wished for them to be soaked in more gravy.


Braised Soy Eggs.

All in all, I was very happy with the Hainanese Chicken Rice. My chicken rice cravings were satisfied with that one meal. 🙂

Chatterbox has many outlets across Jakarta — Cilandak Town Square, Plaza Senayan, Setiabudi Building, Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, Lapiazza, Emporium Pluit Mall, Kebon Jeruk, and Central Park.

What are you waiting for? Get your chicken rice fix soon!! x

Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Plaza Senayan Level 5
(inside SOGO department store)