Legit Pastries at Chicory European Patisserie, Menteng

 I think I’ve just found a new favourite neighbourhood pastry shop!!

Chicory European Patisserie.

Located in the heart of Menteng right next to the Indonesian Post Office, Chicory European Patisserie resembles that of a salon de thé in France. It is distinctly recognizable from the other houses on the same stretch of road with its unassuming European-style brick walls and full-length glass windows.

French bakery cum cafe in Menteng.

The inside feels like a cosy European house, with clean white walls and large windows that allow plenty of sunlight in. The decor is old-fashioned yet whimsical with its wooden bistro tables and chairs and illustrations on the wall. Although the floor area is pretty small, it feels very homey-comfy. All that is lacking is prolly a fireplace.


Lovin’ the interior!


Perfect window seats.

At Chicory, there is a whole range of European pastries available — tarts, pies, croissants, financiers, profiteroles, éclairs, etc etc. Apart from sweets, they also serve savoury sandwiches, wraps and quiche.

The menu changes daily because the pastry chef at Chicory only uses the freshest ingredients available for that day. Prices are on the steep side though, a pastry averages IDR 60k and up.


Pastries on display – simply pick and make yourself comfortable.

Chicory is like an all day brunch tea kind of place as the sweet and salty treats come in relatively small portions. (Word of caution: do not come to Chicory after working out/running 10km/swimming 20 laps.)
You have to pair your pastries with their signature homemade hot chocolate – a small (pricey) cup packed with goodness. One of the best hot chocolates I’ve had in Jakarta.

Earl grey hot chocolate.

I visited Chicory some time back and cannot remember the exact names of the pastries + prices. Sorrrrrry.

Anyhow, their pastries are so good!!! The quiche was rich and tasty – I loved the crust.


Savoury warm tea treats.

And I enjoyed every bit of their tarts too.


Cold treats – Matcha Yuzu Tart and Chocolate Prune Tart.


Chicory European Patisserie
Jl.Sumendep No.9  Menteng
Jakarta 10310